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Gabriel Cortina (Cort) I was born in 1973 in Bahia Blanca city, Argentina. I still live in this city! (You will have noticed that I'm not nomad at all). I always liked to draw. I started drawing at early age using black pen, I remember that I had never used the eraser, always drawing directly, without sketches. I used to read comics and to watch cartoons on the TV (I still love that, but now I have some company: my children). I studied 3 years of Electronic Engineering, but I realized that I had confused the hobby with the vocation. I abandoned engineering and then I studied Graphic Design at the Visual Arts Institute of Bahía Blanca, and when I graduated I worked in an advertising agency for three years. Since 1998 I work in Ediba Publishing House, like illustrator and graphic designer in the edition of books and magazines around the world. I am art director in the publishing of school textbooks for children, and also I created a small publishing house where I publish my own illustrated storybooks (Ediciones Lucecita). I always liked to write, so one day I decided to write and illustrate my own stories. I have published more than 15 illustrated books as an integral author. In my illustration job, I mix the drawing with the graphic design, the visual communication (the challenge to do it in the right way). On each illustration that I make, I invest all my emphasis for comunicate the right emotion. After all, all is about transmit emotions. Concerning the technicaI, I mix traditional techniques with digital illustration. I love the illustrated story books, the music (I play the drums since I was a child and others percussion instruments like congas, candombe drums, the berimbao and I'm learning to play the ukulele), spend time with my children, write stories, travel and see new places, spend time outdoors, the plants, the animals, watch movies, ride on my longboard and surf the pavement and much more. I'm happy, because I do what I love. I firmly believe that this world would be far better if people could work on what they really like. Life is a constant learning, and I am always willing to improve as a professional and as a person. That is the way.

Location:  Bahía Blanca, Argentina
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