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I was born in Buenos Aires in 1980. I wanted to pursue cartooning since 1993 and after a long bachelor of fine arts (licenciatura en artes its original title), some animation courses and 5 years animating and storyboarding in branding studios, here I am, illustrating on books and magazines while working on eternal graphic novels.

Location:  Buenos Aires, Argentina

Professional Profile

Comic artist and childrens book illustrator.

I'm a freelance comic artist and illustrator based in Buenos Aires. Over these past 10 years since I went freelance I've done over 600 comic pages. I also worked on children's books for young readers and middle grade. I alternate between all digital and dip pen inking and watercolor depending of the project's needs.


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 Freelance Work

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Featured Skills

All digital - Dip pen inking, with digital color or watercolors.

Software Expertise

Clip studio, photoshop, indesign(for comic lettering)

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