Personal Profile

I am someone who is interested in art and science. When I am not drawing, I like to write and world-build as well as do research for my various projects. I also enjoy gaming.

Location:  Harrogate, United Kingdom

Professional Profile

Fantasy Illustrator and Creature Designer.

I am a Freelance illustrator who specialises in fantasy art and science fiction. I design fantasy species and characters for different genres and I am currently working on my own fantasy comic series, "The Increasingly Absurd Endeavours of Gretchen Goosander".


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 Freelance Work

Current status

 Recent Graduate/Starting out

Featured Skills

~ I have a strong understanding of the art fundamentals and produce highly-polished work. ~ I am versatile in a range of styles. ~ I am a fast and prolific worker who can have a project finished to a high standard in a short amount of time. ~ I am qualified with Project Management skills. ~ I am a fast learner and capable of being self-taught in new subjects.

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